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Las Vegas Final Cleaning Services: Need final post contraction cleaning services near Las Vegas Nevada? Service-Vegas offers Construction Final Cleaning Services for construction sites located in Las Vegas NV. A good Las Vegas Final cleaning provides your building with the finishing touch, and great looking buildings deserve extraordinary service. Specialties: Final Cleaning Services, Post Construction Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and After Renovation Cleaning. Service-Vegas is the Las Vegas's premier full-service residential and commercial professional cleaning company.

The cleanliness and sanitation of your construction site is a reflection of the way you do business. Working with a Las Vegas construction final cleaning service will give your project the attention it deserves so that you can break ground and open your facility on time with the image you desire. Las Vegas Cleaning is the best Las Vegas construction cleaning service in the North Las Vegas area, and we’re not afraid to say it. Over the past 18 years, we have built a thriving cleaning service that is focused on timely performance, competitive pricing and quality workmanship.

While our full-service contractor commercial cleaning and
janitorial service division maintains over 6-1/2 million square feet of commercial space in the Las Vegas area, our construction final cleaning service in Las Vegas NV has provided service to some of the largest high-rise and stadium construction projects in the metroplex. Our construction cleaning service in Las Vegas values every project and excels at communicating effectively with our clients. Our customers are the backbone of our company, and as our client, you can always expect that we’ll go that extra mile to ensure your satisfaction with our final construction cleaning service in Las Vegas.

To make our construction cleanups efficient, we use only the most proven systems, procedures and equipment. Our techniques have been refined and improved over the many years we have served this area, and we’ve developed an approach to projects and client relationships that is efficient, cost-effective and successful for construction settings. Furthermore, our Las Vegas construction final cleaning service also utilizes green cleaning products and procedures where we can, to protect the environment and the facilities in which we work.

More importantly, our professional team understand which types of cleaning methods to use on which surfaces. For a construction make-ready or final cleaning, it’s imperative to have this knowledge. Our construction final cleaning service in Las Vegas NV does its work with the surrounding environment in mind so that you can have peace of mind and open your facility on time and to the highest standards. At Service-Vegas Cleaning, you can expect the best service, customer communication and green-cleaning products with these characteristics:

- Low VOCs

- Low odor

- Low toxicity

- No carcinogens

- Multiple uses

Contact our Las Vegas construction final cleaning service for the best performance, competitive rates and high-quality workmanship on construction cleanups.


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A good cleaning provides your building with the finishing touch, and great looking buildings deserve extraordinary service.

With dust, dirt and grime covering most of the surfaces following any construction project, you want a company who can transform your workspace and give it the attention it deserves. Service-Vegas is your company to provide a superior cleaning service.

When your commercial construction is complete, look to Service-Vegas to provide the final thorough and detailed cleaning that’s needed after construction debris has been removed. With over 60 years’ experience, we have developed the most advanced products and methods to make your property shine. Our staff is dedicated to going above-and-beyond service expectations, with resources readily available to do the job quickly and effectively. We will work as an extension of your staff to make your building look its best.

Service-Vegas, a leader in the cleaning industry, works with you to handle the final clean-up on any construction project. Our highly trained staff will work with you to finish on time and on budget, while preparing the building for its new occupants.

post-construction clean-up services consist of:

  • Dusting Air Diffusers
  • Cleaning Lights
  • Damp cleaning restroom fixtures
  • Spot cleaning interior glass
  • Vacuuming and spot treating carpets
  • Damp mopping hard-surface floors

Types of work we’ve done, following project completion on both new construction and remodels:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Strip malls
  • Office buildings
  • Schools, Universities and Student Housing
  • Medical & Hospital Facilities
  • Churches
  • Event Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Governmental & Municipal Facilities
  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Apartment & Retirement Complexes

In addition to the basic services, we can also perform
specialty cleaning services, such as window cleaning, floor finishing and deep carpet cleaning. Once you have completed your construction or remodel, Service-Vegas is the ideal partner to provide ongoing cleaning services based on our intimate knowledge of the building. Be sure to recommend us!

We here at Service-Vegas stand ready to offer you assistance and answer any questions. We would like the opportunity to discuss your post construction cleaning needs with you, to tour the facilities, and offer a quote for our services based on your specifics. Call us today!

What is the going rate for construction cleaning?

While commercial cleanup generally costs between $0.10-$0.30 per square foot, residential cleanup jobs range from $0.10-$0.50 per square foot. The final phase of cleanup is the most thorough and therefore the most expensive. Expect to pay the high-end rate of about $0.50 per square foot for this phase of cleaning.


Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning services increase the value of your company by enhancing the safety of employees and maintaining a clean and professional job-site.  We provide the highest quality of service for our clients and understand time is of the essence on a construction job-site. Our team will meet scheduling deadlines. We are reliable, hardworking and determined to get the job done seamlessly.

We understand that a construction clean is very different than a janitorial or residential clean.  Our clients have their own unique needs and the construction job-site commands a higher level of respect and safety precautions.  We maintain a strict company policy to enforce safety.  The company’s safety program ensures all employees are trained in the importance and use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Occupational Safety (OSHA Standards).

We have our own unique cleaning systems that have proven to be superior and more efficient on the construction job-site.

Final construction cleaning in Las Vegas is growing in popularity as more and more businesses remodel or build out their space in order to meet increased demands and higher rents. Staying in place is one of the most effective ways to manage costs, but the remodel can be very disruptive to business. It’s important then, to have a completely move-in ready space to get a business running at full speed as soon as possible, and this is accomplished in part with a final construction cleaning.

What is a Final Construction Cleaning?

Unlike typical
janitorial services in Las Vegas who focus on weekly cleaning services to maintain ongoing cleanliness, a final construction cleaning is designed to remove all construction type materials from a specific area. It is a short term, even a one-time cleaning service that is specialized for post-construction needs.

There are several different tasks a janitorial service provides that are different than what you can expect from a final construction cleaning. This checklist should help make it more clear.

Janitorial Services Checklist

  • Empty all trash cans and recycling bins
  • Wipe all glass surfaces
  • Wipe all flat surfaces to clean and dust
  • Refill supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper, soaps, etc.
  • Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms including toilets, urinals, sinks, counters, faucets, walls and floors
  • Clean breakrooms/kitchen areas
  • Floor care such as sweeping, mopping and vacuuming
  • Final Construction Cleaning Checklist

More detailed towards windows, corners, surfaces with heavy dust and debris, and with a stronger focus on eliminating safety concerns created by construction work, final construction cleaning can include:

  • Dusting of all surfaces
  • Interior and exterior power washing and/or cleaning of all window, frames, and tracks
  • Cleaning walls of scuff marks, smudges, dirt and grime
  • Wet or dry dusting of ceiling fixtures, lights, heater vents and fans
  • Floor care including extra attention to dust and debris in corners and edges
  • Trim cleaning including baseboards
  • Framing cleaning up around doors, windows and walkways.
  • Tile and hardwood floor care
  • Trash and debris removal, including proper disposal
  • Removal of all plastic covering and stickers from windows, furniture and more
  • Detailed review of the space for any remaining construction debris
  • Safety issues addressed, such as leaks, exposed construction, loose wires, etc.

While a short term project,
final construction cleaning can take hours or days depending on what is needs and the size of the property.

Why is a Final Construction Cleaning important?

It is not something your average cleaning crew does

As shown in the checklists above, a final construction clean goes far beyond the reach of regular maintenance cleaning.

It ensures safety

Failure to remove construction debris from both inside and outside the property can result in damages such as punctured tires from nails left in a parking lot, to lung concerns from excess construction dust indoors.

It delivers professional results

The contractors on your remodel are responsible for a level of cleanliness but don’t typically clean the space beyond clearing it. Paint spatter or stickers on windows are very common after a remodel and final construction cleaning crews are looking for those types of things when they do their clean.

It makes the space move-in ready

Before employees, or customers, come into your new space, it needs to have the appearance of being complete, and should not detract from work being done. Post construction cleaning makes sure all the dust and debris is gone so work can pick right back up and be better than ever before.

The right skills

Paint, adhesives, thick dust, caulk and other construction supplies can easily be left on surfaces, including floors, and require the right products and techniques to be cleaned without damage. Those trained in specific post-construction cleaning methods have the right skills for the job.

Nothing overlooked

Cleaning crews who specialize in construction cleaning know the top culprits and where to find them. Exterior space needs to be cleaned as much as interior to ensure safety, so power washing garages, parking lots and exterior walls with a keen eye is important.

Cleaning through the project

Final construction cleaning can be expanded to include rough cleaning and/or phase cleaning as well. Rough cleaning is typically done before carpet or flooring is installed to prepare the subfloor, and/or after electrical or plumbing is installed to clean up any debris before walls are closed.

Phase cleaning is a process of regularly planned cleaning during the construction project to minimize the dirt, debris and dust while work is being done.

Las Vegas janitorial company who offers a final construction cleaning service is Service-Vegas. They use the right materials and equipment specifically designed for your cleanup, and will do the “dirty work” that ensures a safe, attractive property. Their highly-trained employees understand how construction cleaning is different than janitorial services and use the right methods for the specialized task at hand. Whether temporary construction cleaning, ongoing commercial cleaning services, or maintenance support, we are here to help businesses obtain and maintain a level of cleanliness they desire. Call us today to schedule your free building audit and quote for your specific needs.


We’ve performed
construction cleanup on many of Las Vegas’s well-known buildings – hospitals (Las Vegas), medical centers, new buildings within the University of Nevada System, schools, retail centers (Summit Sierra and Legends at Sparks Marina), resorts (Northstar, Squaw Creek and Ritz Carlton) as well as custom homes ranging in the hundreds to millions of dollars. With our knowledge and familiarity with the requirements of contractors, their strict time schedules and phases of completion has let us accomplish our successful completion of many facilities with outstanding remarks from owners and contractors.