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Service-Vegas: Need a reliable local apartment renovation company in Las Vegas NV? Service-Vegas is the premier multifamily remodeling company in Las Vegas metro area. Are You Looking to Begin a Renovation Project at Your Apartment Building? Call us for apartment remodeling services, apartment renovations, apartment repairs and maintenance, apartment janitorial services and apartment moving help. Located in beautiful Las Vegas Nevada. Cost Of Apartment Complex Renovation? Free Estimates! Call Today Or Schedule Apartment Complex Renovation Online Fast!




Apartment Building Renovation Company Las Vegas

Service Las Vegas – Renovation Remodeling Repair

Are You Looking to Begin a Renovation Project at Your Apartment Building? If you are a management company or property owner who would like to consult with Service Las Vegas about a multifamily remodeling project or structural issue, you can submit your information by simply clicking here. Service-Vegas is the premier multifamily remodeling company in Las Vegas Nevada. We are dedicated to creating prosperous communities through integrity and exceeding the expectations of clients and tenants.

House or Business Building Renovation Las Vegas

Service-Vegas offers services in the multifamily remodeling realm to cover all of our project needs. Our team of Project Managers, Superintendents, Operation Staff & Field pool their experience and imagination to bring your ideas to life. There is no capital improvement or interior unit turn that is too large or too small.

Interior Renovations Company Las Vegas

Interior Remodeling: Service-Vegas will manage your interior unit remodeling project from start to finish. Our design team will help identify the materials and finishes that will increase the value of your property, and keep tenants satisfied and attracted to modern upgrades. From new flooring, to finished carpentry and electrical- our in-house team is equipped to swiftly manager entire unit overhauls at your apartment building. We focus on quality of work and the greatest value so your unit turn renovations can be done in scale. Revitalizing your apartment community can begin with a renovation “face-lift” today!

Leasing Centers

How does your apartment community appeal to tenants? The leasing center and office will likely be one of the first interactions a tenant has with a your property. If your leasing office is outdated and and not attractive, your tenants will likely connect those feelings to what your units might look like. Ensure that your first impression is an accurate reflection of your apartment community by renovating your leasing center.

Here at Service-Vegas, we have helped client’s create modern, warm, and inviting leasing centers that leave tenants wanting more. From complete redevelopment projects to aesthetic interior upgrades, we can help you create the type of environment you seek. Many of our Nevada leasing renovations also include tech-savvy upgrades like:

  • Shared work spaces
  • Charging stations for electrical and hybrid vehicles
  • On-site tech concierge
  • Built-in USB ports

Fitness Center Rehabilitation Las Vegas

Fitness centers are an amenity that millennials, and most tenants, look for in an apartment building. Service-Vegas can develop a new fitness center addition, re-purpose an unused space, or simply upgrade client’s current facility. Why is this a good project to consider if you own a multifamily building? Higher rents & tenant satisfaction.

Re-purposing Laundry Rooms Las Vegas

Property owners are catching onto the potential value-add opportunity in providing in-unit laundry facilities for tenants. As properties shift from public-use to in-unit, laundry rooms are left with something to be desired. How are you utilizing this new found space? To cater to the growing demands of tenant consumers, Service-Vegas is helping clients identify the value-add amenity their clientele wants most. Whether it is the addition of a fitness center, or a custom theater, or even an on-site cafe…it’s time to say goodbye to your old laundry room.

Exterior - Exterior Apartment Redevelopment Las Vegas

As a Property Owner or Property Management Company in Las Vegas Nevada, the opportunity for exterior renovations and outdoor development is constantly evolving. The skies are sunny more often than not, and tenants embrace properties that boast great outdoor amenities. Service-Vegas specializes in outdoor renovations of recreational areas and more. Here are a few of the services offered:

  • Pool area redevelopment
  • Outdoor theaters
  • Common area & courtyard improvements
  • Gazebos, BBQ stations and more
  • Dog Parks
  • Landscaping & Hardscaping

In addition to the amenities mentioned above, Service-Vegas also provides clients with solutions to other exterior aesthetic problems.

Building Structural Repair Las Vegas

While structural repair renovations may not always generate immediate ROI, it is imperative to address structural issues before safety is violated, Your asset won’t produce results if these problems fall by the wayside.  Service-Vegas creative value engineering options will save you money and time, and ensure that these repairs are made correctly. Here are some of the structural repair services offered:

  • Wood rot repair
  • Carports, balconies and retaining walls

Don’t let wood rot, or other structural problems keep your multifamily community from performing at its highest level!


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